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Photography has been a living passion in the lives of many. A sheer driving force in the backbone of those always striving for perfection in bringing a reproduction of something existing or created to life in the form of a visual art piece. An ever evolving art form and a rapidly expanding medium ensures the serious enthusiast and professional a growing and endless array of knowledge and expertise to create images that have the potential to evoke emotion which in turn makes the art limitless. Just as this art form evolves and recreates itself, so does CWPhotography.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Morne and Stephanie Wedding 25 October 08

Congratulations you guys, you are an awesome couple. May your days ahead be filled with great things and loads of happiness, remember, all you need is each other!
These are just a few photos taken with the couple right after the ceremony.

Taken at Plumari Africa game lodge on a stormy afternoon. Removed three red ticks from my hand and shoe after the bush mission, but I think it was worth it for sure, you guys look great!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Albert and Maria's special day

This is just a quick post of a wedding I did yesterday with an old school friend and his lovely wife. Congrats you two, love and laughter for the rest of your lives together! This is just one of the posts from this wedding, the last photo we took before we were off, it was a beatifull mid day wedding, clear skies and then in true Gauteng fashion, a storm started gathering force. This shot was taken at 18:28 just before the rain at the Valley lodge in Magaliesburg.

Thank you Albert & Maria for a lovely day!
You know what they say about the rain on your wedding day, it brings copious amounts of luck and good fortune!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Copyright - JAFFAE - CWphotography

Over the past few weeks I have been busy with mini portfolios for a Finishing school, Jaffae.

This image is literally the last image taken for the assignment of the last girl at the very end of the shoot. Was about 18:30 when the image was taken. Shot with a canon 5D at 640ISO, 1/25th sec at F5.6 using one light source and the twilight as a backdrop. The single light source is a 430EX canon speedlight off camera, bouncing of a white wall. No post production other than dropping in my name in Photoshop.

I love this photo. I will be posting more of these soon. I photographed over 75 portfolios over a period of 8 days. Two looks per girl, various poses, hard work and lots of fun and laughs!

Make-up done by - Liezl Zene

Reci in Clarens - Copyright - CWPhotography

I was recently clearing up space on an old hard drive and stumbled upon a few images that I thought I'd put up in here. This was a reci out in Clarens. Beatiful area, wide open spaces and beautiful skies. I think I will post some more soon, I took quite a bit in the day and a half we were there.