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Photography and Passion

Photography has been a living passion in the lives of many. A sheer driving force in the backbone of those always striving for perfection in bringing a reproduction of something existing or created to life in the form of a visual art piece. An ever evolving art form and a rapidly expanding medium ensures the serious enthusiast and professional a growing and endless array of knowledge and expertise to create images that have the potential to evoke emotion which in turn makes the art limitless. Just as this art form evolves and recreates itself, so does CWPhotography.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ChianoSky for Jenna Clifford - Copyright - Jenna Clifford - Photography and retouching - Chris Wessels - Make-up - Marie-Louise Bleksley

Here are a few of the original final images selected for the Jenna Clifford Wisdom and Youth campaign
that we shot towards the end of last year, there are still some images that I cannot post yet seeing as they have not been released into the marketing material yet. Look out for ChianoSky's debut album being released on the 2nd of July.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hair Style - Copyright - Ella Kruger, Hair Stylist - Make-up, Marie Louise Bleksley - Model - Marieta - Photos and retouch, Chris Wessels

Here is a fun shoot I did a week ago for Ella Kruger, hairdresser/stylist to enter Colour Zoom Fashion 12 Goldwell competition. All the Best to Ella and I thank you for the great opportunity and applaud your passion for your work! You are a true artist. Also thank you Marie-Louise for connecting us and as usual making the shoot a huge success with your magical make-up and enthusiasm.
Then last but definitely not least, our amazing model Marieta. You are tons of fun and you made the shoot!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nando's Xtra Bloody Hot- Product shots - Photography and retouching - Chris Wessels - Copyright - Nando's

I have not been here for a while, no other reason as that I have been rather busy with life in general and all things photography. I always say things are going to change and I will be here more often, blah blah blah.
I will be here as often as I can and only time will tell, so please come check in every once in a while, I appreciate your time and I appreciate your interest. Enjoy all your moments where ever you are!

Here are just a few straight forward product shots of the Nando's Australian and U.K. range shot recently, I do like it Spicy!