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Photography and Passion

Photography has been a living passion in the lives of many. A sheer driving force in the backbone of those always striving for perfection in bringing a reproduction of something existing or created to life in the form of a visual art piece. An ever evolving art form and a rapidly expanding medium ensures the serious enthusiast and professional a growing and endless array of knowledge and expertise to create images that have the potential to evoke emotion which in turn makes the art limitless. Just as this art form evolves and recreates itself, so does CWPhotography.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Maponya Mall - Soweto - Copyright - Maponya Mall - Chris Wessles

Maponya Mall lies in the heart of Soweto about 10 kms from the Baragwanath hospital on the Old Potch road. If you are ever in South Africa (or if you are here already) and ever around the Jo'burg area, I suggest you take a tour through Soweto and visit this mall, It is truly beautiful and interesting. Here you will be entertained and find real nicely priced goods as well. If you are into ethnic and cultural dress, there are a few gems to find here also. The people who frequent these corridors are very friendly and true to the warm African nature of making you feel welcome. Nice places to eat or stop for ice-cream or coffee and even something with a bit of a kick for the social occasion.
The surrounding Soweto suburbs also have allot to offer. It is very safe if you travel with someone who knows the area. I travel in and out of Soweto by myself often, I love the vibe and it is a very interesting place with loads of history!

South Africa VS England 2009 / 2010 Castle Test Series Trophy by Jenna Clifford - Copyright - Jenna Clifford

Friday, January 22, 2010

Structures and cityskapes - Copyright - Chris Wessels and various clients

Going through the archive and building small collections of things, I found these images and thought I'd put them to some use. some images have been commissioned and some are of a personal nature. Structures and things...

Boulders Falsebay - Copyright - Chris Wessels

Another early morning shot shortly before sunrise in the same area (as the image below) where the penguins live.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Penguins morning meditation - Copyright - Chris Wessels

After a chilly evening, with Falsebay gailforce winds in true fair Cape fashion adding to a misrable evening, I found these penguins warming up to the first rays of sunlight as if paying tribute to the sun gods.