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Photography has been a living passion in the lives of many. A sheer driving force in the backbone of those always striving for perfection in bringing a reproduction of something existing or created to life in the form of a visual art piece. An ever evolving art form and a rapidly expanding medium ensures the serious enthusiast and professional a growing and endless array of knowledge and expertise to create images that have the potential to evoke emotion which in turn makes the art limitless. Just as this art form evolves and recreates itself, so does CWPhotography.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Copyright PricewaterhouseCoopers - Chris Wessels

These images were shot for PWC using model aircraft and limited time, the building shots were taken in Johannesburg CBD in an afternoon about mid-day by what I call hit and park 'illegally', jump out of the car with camera in hand while dodging traffic and taxi's and keeping one eye open in the back of your head in case some dodgy character fancies your camera, snap about 15 shots or so and then b-line back to the car before any traffic officers slap you with a bill that would make the shoot cost more than what you charge for it in the first place. Finally you would park of somewhere safe and preview the shots hoping that you have something to work with.
The model planes were shot in studio and then Photoshop for a few hours. I had fun with this project.

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clever! and quite cool :)