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Friday, July 2, 2010

Inspirational stuff.....

I'm sure most people in the industry knows who Hunter Freeman is, I only got thrown into his world a few minutes ago and thought he is absolutely worth mentioning in here (understatement..). I would love to assist him on a few of his shoots. Maybe one day I'll build up the will to contact him, who knows.....maybe he'll exchange a few words through a mail or two.

His work is humorous and very clever and technically superb.

"Always try to express the qualities that are part of what you’re made of — "

“I have to find a way to connect with the subject on a personal level, so that they’re thinking about the relationship between them and me rather than the photographer and subject, so that I can get a look or an expression that’s extremely real.”

Check out his work -
Check out this interview and article - -

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