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Photography has been a living passion in the lives of many. A sheer driving force in the backbone of those always striving for perfection in bringing a reproduction of something existing or created to life in the form of a visual art piece. An ever evolving art form and a rapidly expanding medium ensures the serious enthusiast and professional a growing and endless array of knowledge and expertise to create images that have the potential to evoke emotion which in turn makes the art limitless. Just as this art form evolves and recreates itself, so does CWPhotography.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The South African Gold Coin Exchange - Christmas Brochure - Copyright - SA GoldCoin - Photography and Retouching - Chris Wessels

Now these are the real deal, spectacular coins and extremely valuable! Which one is your favorite?
It was quite special to be able to work with these delicate collectors items and would love to invest in a few of these...maybe one day when I'm big ;-) These are all available from SA GoldCoin in stores nation wide. Thanks SA GoldCoin for the privilege to work with you and your team.

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